Homage to Hostas

by David Murray

I see it’s a week since I wrote on this blog. I haven’t been too well, and have scarcely been out of the door for days. Then today, just as I was feeling a bit better a drain blocked and I had to go out into the yard to do something about it. Well, enough about that! The point is that it got me out of the house, and I took a quick look at the hosta border.

There’s virtually nothing left of it now, and we’ll see no more of it until the spring, but being out there reminded me of the photographs I took a few months back and never uploaded to any of my web pages.

In recent years I’ve become quite a fan of hostas. There’s such a variety of them. Here’s one photo from my garden, but for more click here for my new hosta article.


Enjoy the autumn gardening. It’s a bit wet and gloomy here, but work done now will stand in good stead for next year.

- David -

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