Gardening web sites updated

by David Murray

I have to confess that in recent months I’ve been neglecting my garden-related sites.

A project in a completely different online niche that was supposed to take around four weeks took nine, and then demanded quite a lot of day-to-day support to get it off the ground. Well, we’re through that period of 14-hour days, and 2009 is starting with something more akin to normality. has now been thoroughly checked.  All its links are working again.  One of the problems was that our main UK garden centre affiliate changed its marketing service company, so many of their old links no longer connected to anything very meaningful. Now you can once again go to our herb garden site with confidence and I’m hoping to add some more pages very shortly.

The Fuchsia File has also been given the same treatment.  Once again we faced changes made by an affiliate company, this one moving from running its own system to using a contracted service.  All links are now updated.  There are now twenty-one varieties listed and and described. I plan to add more, especially those which are easily available for online ordering of fuchsia plants within the UK.

A great feature of this site is the fuchsia news service.  The site software scans newspapers and magazines around the world to find articles relevant to fuchsias and puts brief notes about them on each page.  Most of the time it works well, although sometimes the news items can look a little strange if the fuchsia variety name includes words that have also been in the news recently. I’m trying to find a way of refining the selection process to avoid this; meanwhile it can sometimes add a little humour to the site.

My next task is to tackle the main site at, which will be a major job for the same reasons mentioned above.  This time I must redesign it so as to make updating far easier when affiliate companies change their catalogue management arrangements.

Meanwhile those of us in the northern hemisphere continue to go through the winter looking forward to the warmer days to come when once again we can get into our gardens.

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