What To Do With Your Green Tomatoes

by David Murray

As we come to the end of the northern hemisphere growing season tomato growers inevitably have green fruits still on the vine, and need to get them off before the severe frosts arrive. But what to so with them? Scanning a few web sites this morning I came across this great blog post on YouGrowGirl.com and thought I’d share it here.

Preserving Green Tomatoes
The tomato season is ending quickly. As of today, I don’t foresee many more ripe tomatoes coming off of the vine. … In an attempt to squeeze a few more ripe fruit from the harvest I’ve been nestling those that are nearly there inside paper bags. … In my experience, not all green tomatoes will ripen by this method. The fruit that is really young and underdeveloped tends to go wrinkly and rot rather than ripening, so I reserve this process for the tomatoes that have a blush of colour and save the darker green fruit for eating fresh and preserving. …..
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Canning Tomatoes – video

On a similar theme, but this time red ripe tomsatoes, here’s a video from Anthonys Italian Food. I like his style, down to earth and practical, nothing super-sophisticated; just the kind of presentation most of us can take in.

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