Container Gardening – Top-Selling Books

by David Murray

A very short post today, but good things often come in small packages. It took a bit of “digging” but I got there. I wanted to know what were the three current top-selling books on container gardening on Amazon, and here they are.

Amazon Image Amazon Image Amazon Image
  1. Alex Mitchell (2011): The Edible Balcony: Growing Fresh Produce in the Heart of the City.
    176 pages, paperback; ISBN-13: 978-1856269469
  2. Ceri Thomas (2007): Gardeners’ World – 101 Ideas for Pots: Foolproof recipes for year-round colour.
    216 pages, paperback; ISBN-13: 978-0563539261
  3. Alys Fowler (2010): The Edible Garden: How to Have Your Garden and Eat It.
    256 pages, hardback; ISBN-13: 978-1846079740

Actually, Alys Fowler’s book is much more wide-ranging than container gardening but I’ve listed above as that’s where Amazon have it. More directly relevant to some people, though, might be her previous book: Garden Anywhere: How to Grow Gorgeous Container Gardens, Herb Gardens, Kitchen Gardens and More without Spending a Fortune.

Also, if you’re new to growing in containers and feel like a real “dummy” you might like: Container Gardening For Dummies, now in its 2nd edition.

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