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by David Murray

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Bag garden photo courtesy of Appropedia

Following on from my last post on container gardens this is just a quick note because I came across something completely unexpectedly this morning on a site about appropriate technology for poor communities in the developing world.

Container gardens using old sacks

In areas where there is little opportunity to grow food, such as a shanty town, or where there is serious danger of land being forcibly expropriated as soon as anything productive is developed, a bag garden, or sack garden, is often a viable alternative. Bags can be picked up and moved whereas land cannot.

The author of the article calculates that a typical one cubic metre food-aid sack, when filled with a mix of stones and earth will give 5 sq. metres of “farmable surface”. There’s a nice set of instructions on how best to make a sack garden.

I quite like the idea and may try it even here in Cumbria – which is not your typical impoverished developing economy but I like playing with novel ideas in the container garden. Now I’ve got to find a couple of old sacks from somewhere. Plastic sacks are easily found but I’d like to use something more ‘natural’ looking.

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