Evernote for Gardeners

by David Murray

Something rather different today. It’s a digital recommendation. Do you use Evernote? I do, on both my Android phone and my desktop, for all kinds of things including garden notes. (Oh, and by the way, a basic Evernote subscription is free; I’m not trying to get you to buy something so that I make lots of money).

What is Evernote? Well, as the name suggests, it’s note taking software, and the great thing is that you can run it on your smartphone, on your laptop, and a wide variety of devices. When you enter a note on one device it is synchronised and you have access to it on all the others.

Notes can be photographic – great for plant notes. I wish I’d had it when I first planted my hostas; I wouldn’t now be struggling to identify some of the varieties. The notes can be typed in, and they can now even be dictated – not only does it keep a recording but it transcribes it for you. And that’s just the start of its capabilities.

Convinced? Well, maybe! Not sure? Then why not take a look at this blog post from Heather Williamson, horticulturalist at a Hollywood studio. Skitch and Evernote for Gardening: Tips from a Professional Horticulturist

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