Fighting the Drought

by David Murray

Up in the Eden Valley I can’t say that we’re noticing much of a drought, but many Gardening Notes readers are not up here in the rainy northwest. Anyway, I came across a bit of very good advice in the Guardian’s gardening column recently.

How gardeners can beat the great British drought
by Graham Rice.

Step away from that hosepipe, he says. There are plenty of ways to save water while keeping gardens green:

Don’t just throw your hands in the air, put your head under the pillow and pray for rain. Pray for rain, yes, but keep in mind three things.

One: Plants are resilient, they want to grow, they're desperate to grow so they can create a new generation. They’re determined not to let a water shortage get in the way of reaching maturity.
Two: Choose drought tolerant plants,
Three: There are plenty of things you can do to help them.

More at How gardeners can beat the great British drought

I’ll let you link through to the article for the details, but must just mention the easy bit – using the washing up water. How many of these things we’ll need to do up here I don’t know, but it’s good stewardship to conserve water anyway, drought or no drought.

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