Garden Photography and a New Rose

by David Murray

I’ve two items today. The first is a a link to a marvellous post with some remarkable garden photography. I wish I could get shots half as good as these from my garden visits. Here it is, from the Galloping Gardener. Take a look at the full article. It’s special.

Last week I spent a day at Great Dixter with Andrew Lawson, the celebrated English garden photographer. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn from a man who has captured more different gardens on film than I will ever have the chance to see and to hear a little of his story, as well as having the chance to listen to his advice on taking better photographs. Andrew knew and worked with Christopher Lloyd (who created the garden at Dixter) on numerous occasions, and had many anecdotes about both the man and his garden….
More at “Being at the right place at the right time” with Andrew Lawson

My second clip is from the RHS, one of a series of articles on new additions to the RHS Plantfinder – Rose Wollerton Old Hall. Chris Beardshaw described the new garden at this 16th century house as “Possibly the most beautiful personal garden to have been created in the last 25 years”. The rose named after it looks from its photograph to be no less excellent. Here’s the extract. Do click through to the full article.

More upright in growth than many English Roses, reaching about 5ft/1.5m high and 3ft/90cm across, and mostly thorn-free, Wollerton Old Hall makes an ideal specimen in a mixed border. It was named for the garden at the 16th century house of the same name, one of the finest recently made gardens in the country….
More at Rose Wollerton Old Hall: New in the RHS Plantfinder

That’s it for a day or two. Enjoy this selection.

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