Hostas around the Blogs

by David Murray

Following on the post about my new hosta planting a couple of days ago I thought that today I’d add a few links to other sites around the world of blogs. Here first is a picture I came across this afternoon on Pinterest.

Source: via Pamela on Pinterest

Personally I’d have preferred a little more variety with different forms and colours of hosta but that is very much a matter of individual taste.

It was interesting though to read elsewhere of one garden enthusiast who has 287 varieties of Hosta. Phew! Some Hosta garden!

How Many Hosta Varieties Are There?

The number of plant varieties continues to increase at an amazing, maybe even accelerating, rate. And hostas are no exception to this general trend. I don’t know the answer to the question here, but have seen a figure of over 8,000 quoted somewhere. The Royal Horticultural Society’s annual plantfinder publication this year lists an increasing number:

“This year the RHS Plantfinder contains an amazing 67,603 different plants ….. This year there are 3,380 new plants included. ….. eighty four new hostas …” (RHS Blog, April 11th)

That’s it for this week, and now I’ll briefly move from hostas to horses. Here in the Eden Valley it’s the annual gypsy horse fair weekend. I’ll probably go down to the River Eden in Appleby at some point to watch the horse washing but if the threatened rain holds off I want to finish off the hosta planting started earlier in the week then give some thought to arranging some hostas in containers.

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