It’s Chelsea Week

by David Murray

Yes, it’s the week of the RHS Chelsea show, so the BBC has switched its programmes around to give us all the latest. Instead of antiques with lunch today it was Chelsea and the winners of Gold medals. I like this video. Even though it’s clearly from a previous year (no umbrellas this time) it gives something of the flavour.

It was good to see more plants than usual in this year’s gardens. Or was it my imagination … wishful thinking? I get rather tired of concrete, steel and plastic architecture pretending to be garden!

Yes, I can get a bit opinionated at times. Ask my wife. And while I’m at it here another bit of opinionated comment. Or first, a question. Why isn’t Joe Swift on the programmes with the Titchmarsh this week as in past years?

Actually, I know the answer, thanks to the Daily Telegraph a day or two ago. He’s been kicked out by the latest bit of BBC bureacratic nonsense which they call ethical compliance. He’s competing with a garden in the show and therefore has been banned from being a commentator – not only on his own garden but on anything. Apparently “declaring an interest” and keeping away from the sensitive area is not enough these days. Where has “trust” gone? Has it died completely?

No doubt someone is thinking, this guy at doesn’t understand about professional ethics. Well actually this guy at spent fifteen years as a corporate ethicist and anti-corruption adviser so he does know a thing or two, and one thing that gets him mad is nitpicking compliance schemes along with the idea that over-the-top rules and regulations will make the world any more honest.

Rant over, at least Joe got a GOLD.

Relax back now and enjoy a Chelsea report from The Enduring Gardener:

“It was all very lovely at Chelsea –subtle colours softly intermingled with one another in pleasing combinations….”
More at Colour at Chelsea

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