More on Hostas – July 2012

by David Murray

I’ve just been trawling around the web for hostas and came across the following news items and video.

Hosta Stories

One article started with the question “Are hostas native to America?”  The answer in summary was:

“They are native to China, Korea and Japan, and were imported into Europe in the 1700s. A doctor and botanist with the Dutch East India Co., Englebert Kaempfer (1651-1715), was the first Westerner to see and document these plants….”
More at The Strongest Link: Are hosta plants native to America? – Gloucester County Times –

A couple of other hosta items that I found interesting were:

And now, a hosta video from YouTube:

More Hosta News

In my own very shady garden, as I've explained in previous posts, I've been planting new hostas this year. Most are a variety of greens, and of course different sizes, but I also like the yellows and it was good to find the following article:

“Hostas with yellow leaves are a superb choice for brightening a shady spot in the yard, as well as adding a dramatic touch to a sunny garden bed. Yellow hostas, interestingly, are quite tolerant of even the hottest afternoon sun, making them even more versatile and useful in the landscape ….”
More at Robert Zimmer: Your guide to the best yellow hostas – Appleton Post Crescent

Finally, Two Hosta Books

Click on the images for details:

Amazon Image Amazon Image

Gardening Notes front page
Hostas on

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