Motion-Sensitive Water Spray Animal Repeller

by David Murray

Garden pests come in many shapes and sizes, from the microscopic to the massive. Somewhere in between are rabbits, squirrels, pigeons and the neighbour’s cat and dog. Depending on where you live you may also be plagued with deer (beautiful in their proper place), badgers and foxes, or herons attracted by the Koi carp in the pond (why can’t they stay down by the river where people will enjoy photographing them?). It can bring the strongest of us to tears to find that our carefully tended plants have been eaten to the ground, and who wants their flower bed used as a cat’s toilet?

jet-spray-cat-repellerMany methods have been suggested and many animal repeller products promoted to eliminate these kinds of risks to your garden. In this article I want to highlight what is probably the most humane and environmentally friendly type of animal repellentthe gardener’s equivalent of a water cannon, with no risky constituents and easy to use where additional fencing and other barriers are not feasible.

Many of us, on the outside of our houses, have lights that switch on automatically when they detect movement. So why not a motion sensitive water sprayer as a cat deterrent that will also scare other troublesome animals? It avoids common disadvantages of other methods, such as:

  • It doesn’t smell.
  • It doesn’t emit high-frequency sound to upset other perfectly innocent pets.
  • Sends several seconds of water spray to startle the intruding animal

Although the most common problem for most people comes from unwanted feline visitors a sudden spray of water for several seconds will usually repel even quite large animals, and although they may initially forget the lesson and return a few times they do eventually learn that there are better places to be.

The cat repeller is positioned by pressing the long spike into the ground with the nozzle and sensor pointing in the direction of the area to be protected. The sensor is battery powered and the sprayer must then be attached to a hose connected to the water supply.

Water Spray Animal Repellers – Pros and Cons

The great majority of people find that this method of repelling animal pests works well – although possibly you might find a neighbourhood dog that is not repelled but enjoys playing in a water shower!

Other points to remember include:

  • Batteries do run down. This is not unusual with any battery-powered equipment. Sometimes problems may be due to people using the cheapest available or even partly used batteries.
  • Sensitivity – As with all motion-sensitive equipment it is possible that it may spray in response to a breeze disturbing the branches of a nearby shrub; care over positioning should help remove this problem.

Don’t Soak the Neighbours … or the Postman

Especially with the more powerful models it is important to position the sprayer carefully. Your next door neighbour does not want to be soaked to the skin while mowing the lawn, and while the postie may be accustomed to wet weather he’d rather the water came straight down from the sky, not from your sprayer.

One method of reducing this kind of risk, especially if your animal invasion problems are mostly nocturnal, is to fit a timer into the hose line and set it to be switched off during the the hours of least risk of animal intrusion. Click here for a water timer.

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